About Signal1

Launched in April 2022, Signal 1 is a health AI start-up with the mission to transform patient care through responsibly deployed AI. The company has strategic partnerships with Unity Health, a health network in Ontario and a leader in the application of clinical AI, and Layer 6, a division of TD Bank Group, and leading applied AI research group.

Signal 1 provides hospitals with an end-to-end solution for integrating AI-driven insights into existing hospital workflows. Its first application, CHARTWatch, is a clinically validated real-time automated patient acuity predictor that helps hospitals improve quality and flow while reducing stress on front-line care providers.

We are impressed by both Signal 1’s highly seasoned management team and its proven track record in both AI and healthcare. At a time when the healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges, Signal 1 offers a product that drives improvements in patient care and supports front-line care providers. Signal 1’s first application is already in daily use by doctors and nurses and can be replicated at other hospitals.

Company Information

Headquarters: Toronto

Investment Information

Investment year: 2022

Inovia Team Members: Steve Woods Taha Mubashir Kory Jeffrey Gabi Piccininni

Signal1's Journey with Inovia

Mar 2022

Inovia meets Signal 1

Apr 2022

Inovia leads the company's Seed round


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