Generative AI has completely reshaped human-computer interactions. As with any significant innovation, there has been a wide range of predictions about the implications of this new technology…

Our Perspectives

Our perspective on this market is no secret — we view this moment as an extraordinary opportunity for new value creation at the business and societal level that is developing right before our eyes.

We have assembled a team of experts to help advise the firm and guide our thinking around the implications of AI and building, operating and scaling companies in the new AI era. Our team includes multiple AI PhDs, experts from Google Deepmind, Microsoft Research, large data companies like DataDog, highly experienced financial and business experts.

Inovia AI Team


Steven Woods
Former Head of Google Engineering Canada & holds a PhD in AI

Kory Jeffrey
Former Chief of Staff at Google Canada

Mohamed Musbah
Former director of product
at Microsoft research

Nithum Thain
Research Engineer,

Aidan Gomez
Co-founder & CEO of Cohere, Co-author of
Attention is All You Need

Sridhar Ramaswamy
CEO of Snowflake (acquirer of his previous venture, Neeva)

Tomi Poutanen
Co-founder & CEO
of Signal1, Co-founder of
the Vector Institute

Observations & Insights

Our team continues to evolve our thesis around impacts and opportunities in generative AI and related areas. As such, here are a few observations and insights that we believe are important to what’s happening with AI today:

Early wins have gone to incumbents.

Adoption of LLM-based technologies is happening and accelerating.

AI tourism is real.

LLMs and chatbots aren’t cure-alls for data-heavy tasks.

Data and information hygiene is a competitive advantage.

Gen AI White Paper

See the more comprehensive insights in our white paper.

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