About AlayaCare

AlayaCare was founded in 2014 and is the parent company of Procura, Arrow, CIMS, and AcuteNet.  The company offers an end-to-end software platform for home and community care providers to manage the entire client lifecycle, from referrals and intake, to billing and payroll. Its mission is to deliver home care of the future through transformative innovation, data-driven insights, and a superior care worker experience with better patient outcomes.

AlayaCare’s mission is in line with our thesis on healthcare: we envision a future where the power of health decisions and activities are focused more closely on clients/patients — wherever they are. Servicing primary health needs in the home is a key part of that eventuality, and we’re excited to help AlayaCare take the strategic steps they need to create a lasting and trusted brand.

Company Information

Headquarters: Montreal

Global Offices: Canada: Montreal, Toronto, Peterborough, Victoria Australia: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne US: NYC, Columbus, Ohio, Altoona, Pennsylvania

Founded in: 2014

Investment Information

Investment year: 2018

Inovia Team Members: Dennis Kavelman Magaly Charbonneau Hugues Lalancette Mia Morisset

AlayaCare's Journey with Inovia


Magaly meets Adrian

May 2018

Inovia leads Series B

May 2019

Inovia leads Series C

Nov 2019

Inovia doubles down on AlayaCare, alongside CDPQ and IQ

Dec 2019

AlayaCare completes the acquisition of Procura

May 2021

Inovia participates in Series D


More to come!