Venture capital is built on relationships and based on trust, that’s why we invest in people first. We always look for a common purpose with the companies we want to build with and a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Adam Famularo

CEO WorkFusion

Adrian Aoun

Founder & CEO Forward

Adrian Schauer

Founder & CEO AlayaCare

Alexandre Leclerc

Co-Founder & CEO Poka

Alexey Indeev

Co-Founder & CTO Spare

Anand Agarawala

Co-Founder & CEO Spatial

Andrew Chau

Co-Founder & CEO Neo Financial

Andrew D’Souza

Co-Founder Clearco

Andrew McLeod

Co-Founder & CEO Certn

Antoine Bisson

Co-Founder & CTO Poka

Ari Lewine

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer TripleLift

Arif Virani

COO DarwinAI

Ashley Wilson

COO and Co-Founder Momentum

Aydin Mirzaee

Co-Founder & CEO Fellow

Benjamin Philion

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Blair Livingston

Co-Founder & CEO Street Context

Brett Huneycutt

Co-Founder & CPO Wealthsimple

Brian Anderson

Founder & CEO Nacelle

Bryan Webb

Co-Founder & President Clearpath

Candice Faktor

Co-Founder Disco

Charles Assaf

CEO & Co-Founder Novisto

Chris Lord

Co-Founder & CTO Lambent

Chris Samair

Co-Founder, President & Head of Operations Neo Financial

Chris Sukornyk

Co-Founder Disco

Daniel Di Maria

Co-Founder & CRO Spellbook

Daniel Saks

Co-Founder & President AppDirect

Dax Dasilva

Founder & Executive Chair Lightspeed

Devon Galloway

Co-Founder & CTO Vidyard

Dr. Alexander Wong, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist DarwinAI

Dr. Thomas Leung

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer BenchSci

Elvis Wianda

Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer BenchSci

Emil Eifrem

Co-Founder & CEO Neo4j

Eric Berry

Co-Founder & CEO TripleLift

Eric Min

Co-Founder & CEO Zwift

Evan Dalton

Co-Founder Certn

Farnoud Kazemzadeh

Co-Founder & VP Engineering Vital

Francis Davidson

Co-Founder & CEO Sonder

Francois Xavier Lemire

Co-Founder & CTO Mercantile

Frederic Lalonde

Co-Founder & CEO Hopper

Hanif Joshaghani

Co-Founder & CEO Symend

Henry Shi

Co-Founder & COO Super

Hussein Fazal

Co-Founder & CEO Super

Iman Khodadad

Co-Founder & VP Technology Vital

Israël Hallé

Chief Architect & Co-Founder Flare

Jason Moore

Co-Founder & CEO RouteThis

Jeff Adamson

Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships Neo Financial

Jinha Lee

Co-Founder & CPO Spatial

Joe Rohrlich

CEO Top Hat

John Philip Green

Founder & CEO Careguide

Jonathan Shih

CTO & Co-Founder Pine

Josh Andrews

Co-Founder & COO Spare

JP Chauvet

Chief Executive Officer Lightspeed

JP Durrios

CEO Bench Accounting

Julie Johnson Roberts

Co-Founder & CSO Lambent

Justin Herlick

CEO & Co-Founder Pine

Kirill Gertman

Co-Founder & CEO Conduit

Kris Reid

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering Neo Financial

Kristoffer Vik Hansen

Co-Founder & CEO Spare

Kuljeev Singh

Founder & CEO ResQ

Liran Belenzon

Co-Founder & CEO BenchSci

Lucas Martinez

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Luke Finney

Co-Founder & President Mercantile

M. Javad Shafiee, PhD

Co-Founder & VP Research DarwinAI

Mara Lederman

Co-Founder and COO Signal1

Mathieu Lavoie

Co-Founder and CTO Flare

Matt Myers

Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer Spellbook

Matthew Rendall

Co-Founder & CEO Clearpath

Max Yankelevich

Co-Founder WorkFusion

Maxime Droux

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Michael Brown

Co-Founder & CEO Swept

Michael Gregson

Co-Founder & CTO Conduit

Michael Katchen

Co-Founder & CEO Wealthsimple

Michael Litt

Co-Founder & CEO Vidyard

Michele Romanow

Co-Founder Clearco

Mike Potter

Founder & CEO Rewind

Mike Silagadze

Founder Top Hat

Mohsen Malayeri

Co-Founder & COO Bettermode

Moiz Virani

CTO and Co-Founder Momentum

Mounir Koussa

Co-Founder & VP R&D Vital

Nicolas Desmarais

Co-Founder & CEO AppDirect

Nicolas Marchal

Co-founder & CEO Wazo

Norman Menz

CEO Flare

Owen Madrick

Co-Founder & CFO Certn

Rami Zeidan

Founder & CEO Life House

Randal Meske

CEO Shyft

Ray Kruck

VP, GRC and Security Assurance OneTrust

Richard Scannell

CEO Lambent

Roger Bertschmann

Founder and CEO Eideticom

Rudy Adler

Co-Founder Wealthsimple

Ryan Gariepy

Co-Founder & CTO Clearpath

Sam Vlessing

Founder & CEO CommerceBear

Samuel Poirier

Co-Founder & CEO Mercantile

Santiago Suarez Ordonez

Co-Founder & CEO Momentum

Scott Stevenson

Co-Founder & CEO Spellbook

Shannon Gordon

CEO theBoardlist

Shaun Zacharia

Co-Founder TripleLift

Sheldon Fernandez, PhD

CEO DarwinAI

Siavash Mahmoudian

Co-Founder & CEO Bettermode

Soheil Alavi

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Bettermode

Steven Kramer

Founder & CEO WorkJam

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

Founder & Chairman theBoardlist

Sylvain Boily

Co- founder & CTO Wazo

Sylvain Perron

Co-Founder and CEO Botpress

Tiffany Kaminsky

Co-Founder & CIO Symend

Tomas van Stee

Founder & CEO EnPowered

Tomi Poutanen

CEO Signal1

Vasu Nadella

Co-Founder & CEO Vital

Yohan Trépanier Montpetit

Co-Founder & CPO Flare