About Pine

In Canada, 80% – 90% of homebuyers secure their mortgages from big banks, largely due to lack of available alternatives. Led by founders Justin Herlick and Jonathan Shih, Pine offers an alternative to Canadian homebuyers and those looking to refinance their home.

Pine’s process is radically simpler. Prospective buyers submit all their documents online, at their convenience, and in under 10 minutes learn if they are pre-approved. Herlick’s experience at US digital mortgage pioneer Blend, combined with Shih’s extensive engineering background (Facebook, Shopagon, Instabase), gave the two the knowledge and know-how to develop digital-first mortgage experience.

We believe Pine has crafted the right model to carve out a seizable share of the Canadian residential mortgage loan industry and is best positioned to become a leader among digitally native mortgage lenders. The Canadian market is large enough to generate seizable revenue flows to new entrants that can provide both the best rates and the best experience. Change is coming, we’re convinced the home buying process will feel much lighter for future owners.

Company Information

Headquarters: Toronto

Global Offices: Canada

Investment Information

Investment year: 2022

Inovia Team Members: Karamdeep Nijjar Jules Pichette

Pine's Journey with Inovia

May 2021

First meeting between Pine and Inovia

May 2022

Inovia participates in the company's Series A


More to come!