Chris Arsenault

General Partner

The first life-changing entrepreneurial quote I remember is one from George S. Patton who said: “Lead, Follow or get out of the Way”. Although I was very young, that quote became a permanent tattoo pushing me beyond my limits ever since, making me see everything around me under a very different light.

inovia was founded on the underlying belief that tech entrepreneurs have unique character traits that enable them to do amazing and impossible things. And inovia was literally created to support them in their endeavor.

I believe that the future is whatever you decide to make of it. There are no limits. So you better make it good!

inovia founders are special because they have no fear of a challenge, of the unknown — passion, drive and commitment, fueled by years of entrepreneurial and operational experience, make them surreal.

I grew up in a small town of 2,800 people — building things, breaking things, starting things, intrigued about how big they could become. I felt that the only way I could make a difference was by traveling the world and connecting extraordinary people.

Founders… you had me at “your contagious passion” — for problem solving more than the solution, your street smarts, and intellectual-integrity.

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at the airport, at the hockey rink with my son or in a meditation retreat.

”Always be hungry. Never, ever take anything for granted.” — Chris Arsenault