About Life House

The independent hotel market is highly fragmented and independent hoteliers are underserved by competent operators and software that enable them to achieve their business goals.

Life House perfectly addresses hoteliers’ pain points by using a combination of proprietary software and advanced operating systems to make it very easy to own & operate an independent hotel with maximal profitability and great reliability.

The tech-enabled hotel management platform automates the back-office functions and certain administrative functions. This suite of solutions also enables on-site staff to be really good at delivering the desired guest experience without a lot of training or experience. The result is a hotel that can reach its financial and guest experience potential with great predictability and minimum reliance on human capital.

We believe Life House will scale well among its fragmented customer base of independent hotels, many of whom do not have the in-house expertise to manage their operations efficiently or to price and generate enough leads.

Company Information

Headquarters: New York

Investment Information

Investment year: 2021

Inovia Team Members: Chris Arsenault Mia Morisset

Life House's Journey with Inovia

June 2019

First meeting between Inovia and Life House

Dec 2021

Inovia co-leads the company's Series C and Chris Arsenault joins the Board


More to come!