About Nacelle

Nacelle is a headless commerce platform spearheading a new type of website architecture built using Jamstack. Designed as an API-driven platform, Nacelle integrates with best-in-class eCommerce technology solutions to provide a seamless, high-performance infrastructure to support front-end website development. With Nacelle, retailers can accelerate their existing tech stack, without risky or lengthy backend data migrations.

We were introduced to Nacelle Founder & CEO Brian Anderson by portfolio Founder and CEO of WorkJam and Nacelle advisor, Steve Kramer. Brian has spent the bulk of his career in the industry having previously founded ShopElf a ShopifyPlus agency. He brings a deep technical understanding of the problem faced by eCommerce founders and a shared vision with merchants and consumers alike. Combining a product vision mindset with best-in-class technology solutions puts Nacelle at the forefront of the headless eCommerce revolution.

Company Information

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Investment Information

Investment year: 2021

Inovia Team Members: Karamdeep Nijjar Manpreet Deol

Nacelle's Journey with Inovia

Aug 2020

First meeting between Inovia and Nacelle

Nov 2020

Inovia leads the company's Series A round


More to come!