About Rewind

Overcoming the complexities of supporting multiple cloud apps, the Rewind team has successfully created a repeatable product development process to build and replicate backup and recovery solutions across cloud platforms. Rewind offers a comprehensive backup-as-a-service solution with advanced features (including unlimited storage space and a full support team) and has the unique ability to dynamically scale and handle increased loads as business needs change.

Having decoupled backups and restores from the underlying applications, Rewind allows customers across multiple verticals to manage their data in all places across the web. Its sophisticated cloud data protection platform is built using over 20 different services, and the company runs multiple data centers globally for data privacy, security, and compliance.

Company Information

Headquarters: Ottawa

Investment Information

Investment year: 2021

Inovia Team Members: Hugues Lalancette Magaly Charbonneau Charlotte Borgognoni

Rewind's Journey with Inovia

Sep 2020

Inovia meets Rewind

Oct 2020

Inovia leads the company's Series A

Nov 2020

Magaly Charbonneau joins the Board of Directors

Dec 2020

Inovia supports Rewind during its first acquisition

Sep 2021

Inovia invests in the Series B and Hugues becomes a board observer


More to come!