Top Hat


Top Hat’s mission is to help professors make every lecture count. They accomplish this by transforming students’ mobile devices into powerful classroom engagement tools. Top Hat’s web- and mobile-based classroom response system engages students and provides professors with real-time feedback on student understanding. Instructors can effortlessly conduct polls, start open-ended discussions, create quizzes and launch interactive demonstrations in class. Currently used by over 200,000 students at over 350 universities worldwide. Top Hat makes the in-class experience more connected and interactive.

Our Story:

Karam met Mike for coffee in 2011 after several people in Waterloo suggested connecting. The two had a good chat, and kept trading e-mails over the next year over a variety of subject matters. Mike kept making great progress while we became more interested in the broader EdTech opportunity. We ultimately ended up co-leading Top Hat's Series A the following year.