Inovia actively recruiting for a Head of People and a Head of Communications to further build out our Full Stack venture model

At Inovia, we’ve been crafting our own venture model since starting our first fund in 2007. Over the years, we’ve built a highly complementary team of operator-investors, able to back our partner-entrepreneurs from inception to IPO, and beyond. We’ve been working hand-in-hand with over 80 amazing company founders, helping them launch and scale their businesses to thousands of employees, hundreds of millions in revenue, and establish operations across North America and Europe. With the recent launch of Inovia’s first Growth Fund, we are capitalizing on our full-stack approach to attract the best people who can support our portfolio companies.

Crafting our own venture model as a full-stack venture firm

We believe that talent and communications are core to the foundation on which any global success story is built. And at Inovia, these are two critical pillars of the value proposition we bring to our team members and entrepreneurs.

People are the drivers of new ideas and creativity. When the right teams come together, they push the boundaries forward. Getting the right mix of human capital is key to any organization’s success. And it is part of our job as investors and partners to help our portfolio companies attract the right talent to propel growth. Whether it was Sonder’s Canadian talent growth needs, Poka’s team foundation, the Lightspeed pre-IPO executive suite, or the high growth C-suite executives needed at AppDirect, Inovia has established a strong track record of success in bringing the right teams together. We want to continue supporting our portfolio companies in their quest towards building strong, diverse teams, and putting into place the people infrastructure required to reach their growth milestones. We expect to deliver on our promise by providing executive coaching, helping build more diversity into portfolio teams and boards, enabling access to specific networks and knowledge bases, and leading by example.

We are currently searching for a Head of Talent & People to manage Inovia’s Human Capital and to elevate our ability to attract top tech talent and executives across our team and our portfolio. This individual will ensure that both Inovia and its portfolio companies are attracting the right talent, building strong cultures, and supporting leadership-growth. We are looking for a leader with a sophisticated understanding of the talent needs of venture-backed enterprises, a strong talent network, and the desire to help drive the growth of the Inovia platform.

Check out the Head of Talent and People leadership position description here.

As importantly, at Inovia, we support entrepreneurs who build technologies and companies that will “create a world that will become obvious to all tomorrow”. And if we’ve learned anything over the last decade, it’s that the ability to communicate to the right targeted audience and build the right messaging strategy is anything but obvious. The stories of our entrepreneurs are inspiring, and we want to share their stories and help inspire others. While we have been successful in building communities across our ecosystems in Canada, the Bay area, and Europe, we need to do more. We need to reinforce the access to networks and knowledge bases across our founders, entrepreneurs, and executives. The diverse perspectives shared over the years across our portfolio companies have proven to be extremely valuable and insightful in helping build and scale the portfolio.

And as we reinforce our full-stack venture model, we need to ensure that we purposely and strategically support the storytelling of the amazing entrepreneurs we back. We are currently seeking a Head of Communications to manage Inovia’s brand and communications strategy. This individual will ensure that both Inovia and our portfolio companies can share our vision and these powerful stories within our communities. We are looking for a leader with a sophisticated understanding of branding, communications, and community building, and the desire to help drive the growth of the Inovia platform.

Check out the Head of Communications leadership position here.

We are very excited to have partnered with our friends at 

Boyden Canada in this search. Hope you can help us identify these leadership opportunities.