Jenn Hunter biography

Jenn Hunter, a Lakeland College alumna in Business Administration, serves as the Director of Operations and Co-Founder of PayShepherd. With a background in Finance, including roles with RCMP Commercial Crime and Farm Credit Canada, Jenn’s journey led her to the dynamic realm of heavy industry. Here, she rapidly advanced through various roles in Vendor organizations, showcasing expertise in Finance, Project Services, and Business Analytics.

Driven by a passion to bring order to chaos, Jenn initiated projects aligning with her three core values: leveraging the power of data, reducing manual efforts, and optimizing time for more value-added work. Recognizing the varying levels of care vendors had for client relationships and the inefficiencies in manual processes, she envisioned a better solution.

Having navigated every phase of the customer journey, from delivery to support, Jenn is proud to collaborate with creative industrial clients, dedicated vendors, and a diverse team. Together, they work towards PayShepherd’s mission to revolutionize heavy industry and redefine vendor relationship management.