About PayShepherd

PayShepherd is how data-driven heavy industrial enterprises streamline contractor management. Their cloud-based solution automates contract compliance, resulting in real-time cost reporting, shared accountability, effective risk management, and governance. The single source of data mitigates legal and financial risks, driving the safe execution of work and protecting mission-critical Client-Contractor relationships.

Company Information

Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta

Global Offices: Fully Remote

Founded in: 2018

Investment Information

Investment year: 2024

Inovia Team Members: Shawn Abbott Manpreet Deol Pascale Archambault

PayShepherd's Journey with Inovia


Shawn meets Wes and Jenn in Calgary

Sep 2023

Shawn and Manpreet reconnect with PayShepherd

Mar 2024

Inovia leads PayShepherd’s Seed+


More to come!