About Novisto

Founded in Montreal in 2019, Novisto has built a modern, user-friendly, market-leading platform that is instrumental in simplifying ESG reporting. Its broader focus complements the large volume of carbon reporting focused tools currently available in the market.

Novisto is driven by the core belief that companies with strong sustainability practices will prevail in the long run and it empowers companies to make better decisions and disclosures through its ESG data management software.

Novisto: Creating Value from ESG Data

Investing in Novisto, building a global leader in ESG reporting on Inovia Conversations

Investment Information

Investment year: 2023

Inovia Team Members: Magaly Charbonneau Taha Mubashir Pascale Archambault Jules Pichette

Novisto's Journey with Inovia

Dec 2020

First meeting between Inovia and Novisto

Apr 2023

Inovia leads the Series B


More to come!