About Flare

Flare Systems is a leading Digital Footprint Monitoring provider. Founded in 2017, the company enables organizations to protect their data, financial resources, and reputation by continuously monitoring threats caused by human error and malicious actors. Focused on technical data leakage detection, Flare’s technology improves visibility, enhances transparency and reduces mean-time-to-remediation (MTTR) by detecting and prioritizing technical data leaks and remediating digital risks in real-time.

The digital transformation of the past two years has delivered plenty of benefits and opportunities while also making companies more vulnerable to cybercrime because of their increasing digital footprints.We’re excited to invest in a top of mind and dynamic cybersecurity market alongside a top-notch management team with extensive domain expertise. We look forward to supporting the next phase of Flare’s journey as they pursue their mission to protect digital assets.

Company Information

Headquarters: Montreal

Investment Information

Investment year: 2022

Inovia Team Members: Magaly Charbonneau Taha Mubashir Etienne Gauthier

Flare's Journey with Inovia

Apr 2019

1st meeting between Inovia and Flare

Sept 2019

Inovia participates in the company's Seed round

May 2022

Inovia leads the company's Series A and Taha joins the Board


More to come!