Shawn Abbott

General Partner

Shawn has over 25 years of experience building and investing in Internet and technology companies. He is the founding chair of the A100, past chair of the Banff Venture Forum, a member of the Creative Destruction Lab, and current chair of the Venture Capital Association of Alberta. Shawn currently serves as a director on the boards of: Drivewyze, Top Hat, WorkFusion, Bench, Swept, CoolIT, Peraso, Solium and Olameter. Prior to inovia capital, he pioneered internet security as CTO, then President, of publicly-traded security powerhouse Rainbow Technologies. In this role, he saw the company grow tenfold in profitability before being sold to SafeNet for nearly a half-billion dollars. He previously founded, built, and then sold the AND Group, an early encryption-based eCommerce success used on millions of CDs. Shawn holds an early patent as an inventor of the USB key, has taught software design courses internationally and has presented at more than one hundred conferences on digital security and enterpreneurialism.

I grew up in the space age — everything was going to be possible, and I still think it is.

I do this work because it's how I'm wired. I have an insatiable curiosity and the endorphins flow when I achieve objectives, and learn or discover something new in the process.

The most overlooked skill in this business is curiosity.

I stay intellectually honest by listening to why my partners are saying what they're saying.