Welcome Andre Charoo: Inovia Venture Partner & Maple VC Founder

In 2019, we met Andre Charoo for the first time. And very quickly, we knew that we had to work with him. His shared vision for supporting entrepreneurs combined with his strong network matched our strategy perfectly.

Today, we are proud to announce Andre as Inovia’s newest Venture Partner and also that we are now LPs in Andre’s seed stage fund, Maple VC

Uber, Hired, and Founding Maple

As some background, Andre was the 25th employee at Uber and the 15th employee at Hired. At both companies, he played an essential role in their exponential growth, globally.

Additionally, in founding Maple, Andre has created one of the most exciting new Seed Stage venture funds in the world, including recent co-investing with a16z, Greylock, Obvious, Founders Fund, and Sequoia.

We can go on and on about what we think about Andre, but we thought it would be more interesting to highlight what other people are saying.

On Andre’s Leadership and Ability to Rally People Around a Mission:

“Give the guy 1 month and he’ll know half the city. Give him a year and he might just be the Mayor.”

-Ryan Graves — the first CEO of Uber, SVP of Global Operations at Uber (2010–2017), and Uber Board Director (2010–2019)

What Entrepreneurs Say About Andre:

“Andre is a rare breed on so many levels.

First and foremost, he is an amazing human. When he invests in a founder and their company, he is all the way in.

Andre was an integral part of our Series A funding strategy and his incredible network helped keep my calendar stacked with top-tier VCs throughout the entire process.”

-Eamonn O’Rourke, Cofounder & CEO of RenoRun (Series A stage company. Some investors include: Obvious and iNovia). Maple invested at the Seed Round.

“As an investor and an Advisor, Andre has been one of our biggest advocates and a crucial partner to Ritual from the beginning. His consistent hands-on support, with networking and talent, has been a powerful advantage as we faced new challenges and matured.

Furthermore, his extensive operational experience has provided persistent value especially when it comes to expansion and growth strategy.

We are grateful for Andre’s unwavering support and consultation.”

-Ray Reddy, Cofounder & CEO of Ritual (Series C stage company. Some investors include Greylock and Georgian Partners). Andre was a formal Advisor to Ritual since the seed stage and Maple invested in later rounds.

What a Maple LP Thinks About Andre:

“Andre’s hustle and smarts impressed me as VC. He is uniquely qualified to be a bridge between founders in Canada and strategic resources in Silicon Valley. As a global VC, I like Andre’s emerging differentiation and value add to founders.”

-Hans Tung, Managing Partner at GGV Capital and #10 on the Forbes Midas List: The World’s Best Venture Capital Investors in 2020

Forging Ahead

We could have included a lot more quotes; they are all consistent. Andre is a world class person as well as a skilled operator and investor. Andre’s goals, experience, drive, and network make us ideal partners.

Andre — Welcome to the Inovia team. We are thrilled to be working with you, both as a Venture Partner and on Maple VC.

Let’s benefit Canada and let’s benefit the World.

-The Inovia Team