Tune into Patrick’s Expertise

Step into the universe of Patrick Pichette, a seasoned operator with a stellar career gained over three decades.

With a wealth of experience from his roles at world-class organizations such as Google, Twitter, McKinsey, Sprint Canada, and Bell Canada, Patrick has consistently navigated the challenges of hyper-growth and digital transformations.

His instrumental role as Google’s CFO from 2008 to 2015, along with his influential position on Twitter’s board, has provided him with unique insights into the fast-paced world of tech and business. 

As a partner at Inovia Capital, an advisor and a board member to numerous startups and innovation networks around the globe, Patrick continues to shape the future of technology. 

This page features Patrick’s podcast appearances, media interviews and more. 

Tune into Patrick’s world – we hope you have an enriching experience!


  • PAUSE – Alexandre Mars’ podcast | Pause Podcast (in French)
  • Patrick Pichette from Inovia Capital Shares His Google Journey and How Can Founders Start Right and Have Diverse Cultures | Apple Podcasts
  • Just Google It: Former CFO on Scaling A Tech Giant | lumiQ
  • The Tao of Management with Patrick Pichette: How Routines Drive Success and Empower Teams | Fellow’s Supermanagers Podcast


  • B Corp UK 2019 | YouTube
  • AppDirect Engage 2019, Fireside Chat between Patrick Pichette and Dan Saks | Part 1 & Part 2
  • Slush 2019, The 300 Year Business Plan, Patrick Pichette and Dax DaSilva | Vimeo

Media Interviews:

  • We Want Entrepreneurs With a Global Mindset: Venture Capital Firm Inovia’s Patrick Pichette | BNN Bloomberg
  • Zone Économie : A Fund to Propel Companies | Radio Canada (in French)
  • Zone Économie : Why Sell Twitter to Elon Musk? | Radio Canada (in French)