It’s Time to Give Sales Operations the Momentum They Need

When companies improve their internal sales processes, they accelerate growth and improve the overall buying experience for customers. All stakeholders benefit by codifying sales steps, looping in all constituents at the right time and with the right information. Whether a business is driven by traditional sales and marketing or product-led growth, optimizing sales operations delivers significant ROI.

On average, sales reps spend more than half of their time doing things other than selling — working on administrative and services tasks, getting trained, and attending meetings. So companies need to have the tools in place to ensure that their sales teams are as efficient and productive as possible. Tools that automate data entry, help drive greater engagement and facilitate sales enablement and coaching are critical. They should also include data analytics platforms and communication solutions like the ones illustrated below.

Collectively, these tools eliminate friction points from sales and make the process faster and more convenient so reps can focus on pleasing customers.

Building Momentum Around Process and Communication Automation

One of the biggest challenges sales teams face is the amount of time they spend communicating as they work through complex processes. As companies move upmarket, they require larger teams to help close deals and typically, that leaves sales teams responsible for coordinating support and communication among many people. All this is made more challenging in today’s remote work environments. Many companies have turned to Slack to manage deal coordination, and amid all of the noise, it’s easy to miss things on Slack.

San Francisco-based Momentum offers a better way of connecting messaging platforms like Slack with CRMs like Salesforce. Their deal collaboration platform gives sales teams the building blocks to create rich, interactive workflows that blend collaboration and automation while using automation to operationalize sales and standardize the repeatable parts of complex deals.

A Better Way to Manage the Sales Process

Momentum embeds sales operations in messaging apps using high level no-code / low-code interfaces that allow teams to build their bespoke models. They also use operations interfaces to help populate the CRM, drive process analytics, and engage all stakeholders equally.

In our view, these are significant advantages. Every company wants to improve their sales process so that it’s more efficient and effective. Momentum is building a next-generation sales operations tool that does exactly that. The company also stands out for its exceptional founding team, all repeat founders who have worked together for more than ten years. They’ve impressed us with their methodical thinking and ability to iterate quickly on their core business assumption. While it’s early days, the team has received great feedback from its target personas and marquee accounts. We’re proud to support Momentum, and we’re excited for what’s to come.