magaly charbonneau

Inovia’s Magaly Charbonneau Promoted to Partner, Will Lead Montreal Office

One of our own has been promoted to Partner and I couldn’t be more pleased — for her, for our team and for the Montreal ecosystem. After 4 years of investing in and advising our rapidly-expanding and global team, and after 2 years courting and supporting great founders as a team member, Magaly Charbonneau has stepped into the role of Partner. It is a well-deserved role that reflects the leadership she has demonstrated both internally and within the broader Montreal community.

In her new role, Magaly will continue to be focused on early stage investments, while also supporting entrepreneurs through the different phases of growth. As companies are scaling faster than ever before, her experience is invaluable. Magaly will also lead the Montreal office investment activities. While having a strong foothold and focus on Quebec and Canadian dealflow, Magaly will also be involved in supporting Inovia’s full stack investment strategy and activities in both San Francisco and London (UK).

Before joining Inovia, Magaly was Chief Operating Officer and an investor at PasswordBox (acquired by Intel Corporation in 2014) and VP Worldwide Sales and investor at (acquired by Deluxe Corporation in 2008). She is deeply engaged with the startup community in Montreal, through various board positions and angel investments of her own; she also currently serves as a director on the boards of Busbud, RenoRun, TrackTik, AddEnergie, and the AI research Institute, Mila.

Venture Capital (early and growth) is built on three core pillars: the ability to attract capital, to attract high-quality deal-flow, and the experience to help build and monetize at a premium. Magaly, within a very short period of time, has delivered on all three pillars. Among many successes, she led the Series A in AlayaCare, a Montreal startup that is growing quickly and became one of Inovia’s fastest growing companies which received $51M in primary and secondary financing led by Inovia’s recently raised Growth Fund.

More importantly, we believe that relationships are at the heart of everything we do — which means that a commitment to the long term is also central to our success. And this type of commitment comes in the form of time, capital, relationship building with investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Magaly first joined Inovia as an LP in Fund 2015, then took a stronger advisory role as Venture Partner and Investment Committee Member. Magaly joined the team full time as Principal and Vice President Investments in 2017 and is an LP in both Inovia’s recent Early Stage fund and first Growth Stage Fund.

I look forward to seeing Magaly help increase the funding capacity of our ecosystem and the growth potential of our local founders — helping them scale up and build enduring global companies.