Wesley Sessenwein biography

Wesley Sessenwein is the CEO and Co-Founder of PayShepherd, a cloud-based vendor relationship management solution and contract assurance technology. 

A Concordia University graduate in Commerce, Wes earned his Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute while working as a project coordinator in an oilfield construction company that grew from under 50 to 700 full time employees in three years.

Wes then moved into ownership as CEO at Canadian Onshore Ltd., providing new construction services to the energy and resource sector. Wes identified a common weakness plaguing business operations across heavy industry: the relationship threatening struggle between managing projects and juggling administrative work, particularly in billing and payment processes.

Working to systematize the automated identification of billing and contract compliance issues in real time for early detection and service vendor relationship preservation, Wes and his co-founders built PayShepherd to serve the very people they once were: heavy industry, client-side, boots on the ground, hardhat wearing people supervising vendors on the job while bogged down in ineffective, massively time-draining admin work.

Under Wes’s leadership, the company is accelerating fast, a partner in success for large heavy industrial facilities and their vendors.