About RouteThis

RouteThis is a leading WiFi in-home connectivity platform provider that is transforming the way ISPs and smart home brands deploy, manage, and support the connected home. The Company’s 100% software-based approach to solving in-home connectivity issues leverages the power of consumer smart devices so agents and consumers alike can quickly identify, resolve and prevent WiFi connectivity issues. Plus, with RouteThis Self-Help, consumers can solve connectivity issues themselves without making a call to customer support.

In our view, RouteThis connects the dots for customer service teams at ISPs and smart home OEMs, empowering them to work more efficiently and to create value. Equally, if not more important, their global vision will allow their product to bring real benefits for hundreds of millions of end users. We believe the company is a true innovator and category setter, and that it’s well positioned to achieve its mission of revolutionizing the world of connectivity.

Company Information

Headquarters: Kitchener

Investment Information

Investment year: 2015

Inovia Team Members: Steve Woods

RouteThis' Journey with Inovia

Mar 2015

Inovia invests in the Seed Round


Steve Woods joins board of the company (while at Google)

Feb 2022

Inovia leads the Series A round


More to come!