About Wazo

Communication is built into many of our workflows today and continues to be embedded with almost every business process: Chatbots on websites, two-factor authentication using SMS within apps, transcription, translation, recordings, automatic call-backs…just some of the bits and pieces of ‘’communications’’ that are embedded in applications everywhere.

Communications technology is dramatically different than ten years ago and all these fragments need to be integrated. Inovia is excited to partner with Wazo, a provider of unified communication solutions for businesses and telecom service providers.

With its open source building blocks, Wazo has added API’s, sample applications, integration tools, and ultimately flexibility to the traditional communications stack. With the ability to use a hosted pre configured system, to leveraging integrated services using API’s, to working directly with the open source code base, Wazo’s team of experienced entrepreneurs and operators is staking out a new position on the ‘’vertically integrated’’ versus ‘’fully horizontal’’ continuum.

Company Information

Headquarters: Quebec City, QC

Investment Information

Investment year: 2021

Inovia Team Members: Mia Morisset Rania Ajakane

Wazo's Journey with Inovia

July 2018

First meeting between Inovia and Wazo

Sep 2021

Inovia invests in the company's Seed round


More to come!