Scott Munro

Venture Partner

The future is filled with opportunities on a global scale.

My own personal exit story: I have been fortunate to have had two exits where I was the founder or CEO — fantastic learning that helps in my role at inovia.

I do this work because my passion is sharing my experiences with younger entrepreneurs so that hopefully I can help them optimize their objectives.

The one important thing founders should know about venture capital is to treat the capital as if it was your own money. Be open and communicative with your investors and always build confidence in your forecast by under-committing and over-performing. The right VC provides a lot more than money, so get to know your investors and solicit their help and guidance.

inovia founders are special because they possess a high degree of empathy for entrepreneurs because they were all entrepreneurs themselves. They are prepared to go the extra mile to help their portfolio companies in many ways that other firms do not.

Home Office

San Francisco

You May Run Into Me At…

on the golf course either in the Eastern Townships, Ireland, or the Monterey Peninsula.

“I always bet on the jockey and not the horse.” — Scott Munro