Inovia Sessions Podcast – The Strategic Moves Behind Atlassian’s M&A Success with Sarah Hughes, Head of Corporate Development and Product Partnerships

In this enlightening episode of Inovia Sessions, host Meryl Almeida welcomes Sarah Hughes, head of Atlassian’s venture arm, partnerships team, and corporate development function. 

Sarah discusses the strategic role these divisions play in fueling Atlassian’s growth, highlighting the recent $975 million acquisition of Loom. She explains how Atlassian, like Inovia, leverages ecosystem maps and early relationship building in its M&A strategy. Listen in to dive deep into the mechanics of creating effective partnerships and the thoughtful approach Atlassian takes towards public term sheets to build trust with founders.

Whether you’re a startup founder or a corporate executive, this episode offers valuable insights into crafting a successful M&A strategy and fostering long-term corporate relationships.

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