Democratizing Access to Fertility Care

Why Future Family is a Game-Changer for Affordability and Continuous Care

By Alex Barrett, Hannah Chelkowski, Antoine Nivard

In 2016, the number of women in their 30s giving birth officially surpassed the birth rate among women 25 to 29. As more couples delay childbirth to their 30s and 40s, fertility complications are becoming more prevalent today than ever before. Yet, very few affordable and easy options are available for those simply seeking personal fertility information and continuous care. The ocean of conflicting online resources, the relative lack of reproductive endocrinology specialists in the ob/gyn community and the friction of stepping into a fertility clinic to obtain diagnostics-level information make beginning the process cumbersome.

Unfortunately, for the 1 out of 6 couples that will experience fertility issues, this is only the starting point. In a 2015 survey, infertility issues were ranked on par with some of the strongest societal pressures: 55 percent of individuals who have experienced infertility believe it is more stressful than unemployment, and 61 percent believe it is more stressful than divorce. That’s not all. Beyond the psychological and emotional stress behind infertility, the out of pocket financial burden for people seeking fertility treatment is highly prohibitive.

This is where Future Family comes in. After six IVF treatments, three miscarriages, and $100k on her own journey to getting pregnant, Claire Tomkins founded the company to solve this problem for millions of women and couples. Future Family is an end-to-end direct-to-consumer platform to help individuals manage their fertility journey. Today, for a highly engaged and fast growing community of women, Future Family provides low cost concierge care, testing services and financing options for fertility treatment such as IVF and Egg Freezing.

A few elements made us particularly excited about the opportunity to invest in Future Family:

First, the company acts as the trusted personalized care coordinator for its fast growing and engaged community of clients. Its dedicated nurse concierge service alleviates a lot of the stress of navigating one’s fertility journey and properly addresses the uniqueness of every situation throughout the process from testing to evaluating fertility treatment options. It seems simple, but it is an unprecedented level of care in the fertility space and Future Family has big ambitions to become the trusted brand bringing affordable concierge fertility care to the masses.

Second, as Future Family expands its community of users and its partner network of 1 out of 4 fertility clinics in the country, the company’s ability to leverage software and a unique data asset to offer tailored affordable financing products grows stronger. Future Family now offers simple, transparent and flexible monthly subscriptions for IVF, egg freezing and, soon, the full array of fertility services. As we looked for companies building innovative financing products that help consumers afford some of the fastest rising costs of our generation, we were compelled by Future Family’s unique bundled service model.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, founder Claire’s unique experience and mission-driven ambitions and the team she’s brought together to build Future Family exemplify the combination of experience, talent and focus that will serve as a solid foundation to build an iconic company. We’re proud to partner with Future Family as part of their Series A.