A Light Bulb Goes Off: How EnPowered Is Changing the Dynamics of the Energy Industry for Everyone’s Benefit

Inefficiencies exist everywhere in infrastructure, including in our public transportation, water, and waste management systems. Perhaps no area better exemplifies this reality than the energy sector. Over the past few decades, the industry has become increasingly complex thanks to the introduction of new clean energy sources like wind and solar, not to mention a myriad of regulatory requirements. This change and complexity have led to suboptimal management of the critical assets needed for energy generation, transmission, delivery, and use, making the grid far less efficient than it should be, leading to higher costs, disruptions in service, and higher rates of pollution.

We all want to see the energy grid become more affordable, resilient, and green. But to achieve that, its infrastructure needs to be smarter and more dynamic. It needs to enable large energy consumers like manufacturers, transportation companies, hospitals and universities to better respond to the grid’s constantly shifting needs while also making it easier for them to upgrade their equipment. Of course, that’s a lot easier said than done.

Traditional Approaches Keep Big Energy Users in the Dark

Over the years, many have tried to find ways to reduce energy costs and lower energy consumption in commercial and industrial settings. Local utility companies have offered incentive programs for large users. Energy solution providers have tried to sell large energy consumers equipment — solar systems, batteries, and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems — promising they’d use less energy from the grid, be better positioned to tap into incentive programs, and ultimately lower their energy costs.

Unfortunately, those solutions have faced a steep, uphill battle when it comes to adoption. Incentive programs vary by utility company and geography and are often highly complex, making them difficult for manufacturers to comply. Getting users to buy new equipment isn’t easy either. The equipment is expensive, and purchasers also lack the data insights needed to calculate the cost savings they’ll generate by using it and, ultimately, the ROI, thus exposing them to risk.

An Electrifying Idea

EnPowered has found a better way. Its AI-powered platform removes complexity from local energy utility programs’ incentive structures and tells large energy consumers exactly when and what actions they need to take. Whether that’s idling for several hours or temporarily relying on their batteries or generators for power, it lowers their energy costs, reduces emissions, and optimizes their energy management investments.

More importantly, EnPowered makes it easier for energy solution providers to sell their solutions to manufacturers by accurately forecasting a project’s energy cost savings based on customers’ energy usage data. It also offers a program where consumers can spread out the cost of these large capital purchases over the life of the asset by baking it into their existing electricity bill with on-bill payments. Customers can better understand the ROI of their equipment before purchasing then offset that cost with the savings generated by their utility companies’ incentive programs.

We’re Excited to Support EnPowered

EnPowered’s platform is highly effective at accelerating the adoption of innovative energy technologies by giving energy infrastructure vendors the ability to remove sales barriers and simplify their sales cycles. Those vendors can deliver maximum ROI while minimizing the risk for commercial and industrial energy consumers. When many companies are designing and selling energy saving products, EnPowered is fundamentally changing the way they do business.

We love EnPowered because it enables a massive ecosystem of energy solution providers to deliver more value to their customers faster, resulting in more sales and happier customers. Their seamless integration with utility bills makes the decision to spend money to save money and ultimately be more energy efficient, an easy decision for end users. We know their team well, are confident in their ability to take the company to the next level and share their vision of using technology to transition to a more energy-efficient, lower-emission world.

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