About EnPowered

EnPowered is a pioneering cleantech company accelerating the use and adoption of innovative solutions in energy-intensive industries. The company’s platform provides convenient on-bill payments to enable the acquisition of energy solutions. The platform also predicts spikes in electricity prices, prompting assets to shift usage to save money and decrease emissions.

EnPowered is also building the Virtual Energy Movement, an ecosystem of like-minded companies that focus on the adoption of flexible energy assets to help the grid shift to renewables.

We love EnPowered because the company is enabling a massive ecosystem of energy solution providers to deliver more value to their customers faster, resulting in more sales and happier customers. Their seamless integration with utility bills makes the decision to spend money to save money (and ultimately be more energy efficient) an easy one for end users. We also know their team well, are confident in their ability to take the company to the next level, and share their vision of using technology to transition to a more energy-efficient, lower-emission world.

Company Information

Headquarters: Kitchener

Global Offices: USA: Columbus & Texas

Investment Information

Investment year: 2021

Inovia Team Members: Gabi Piccininni

EnPowered's Journey with Inovia

Feb 2018

First meeting between EnPowered and Inovia

Sep 2021

Inovia co-leads the company's Seed round


More to come!