About Eideticom

A major problem in scaling compute is the amount of i/o generated by big data and required by AI. By enabling important computations to be done closer to storage, without having to move all that data to the main CPU, Eideticom is helping to re-architect the data center, therefore solving the root cause of a valuable problem. As the team and their solutions scale, they will enable advancements down the line, impacting the entire ecosystem. In theory, machine learning applications could process more, faster, and at lower costs — and this is great news for us all.

As a long time Advisor to Inovia, we know and believe in the operational mindset of Co-Founder Roger Bertschmann, and are excited to help the team bring their vision to life.

Company Information

Headquarters: Calgary

Global Offices: San Francisco

Investment Information

Investment year: 2019

Eideticom's Journey with Inovia

Oct 2017

First meeting between Inovia and Eideticom

Mar 2019

Inovia leads the Seed Round and Shawn joins the board


More to come!