About Careguide

CareGuide is a family of online services committed to providing excellent care services for everyone. With a suite of verticals ranging from housekeeping and dog sitting, to elder and child care services, CareGuide offers a comprehensive platform for finding trusted and on-demand support for a variety of home services. CareGuide focuses on matching nannies with families, and streamlining the process of finding the right nanny and managing their payroll.

We originally invested in CareGuide at the seed stage alongside Garage Capital. Our vision was aligned with founder John Phillip Green’s vision of bringing trust and transparency out of the historically low-tech, hyper-local space and into the modern era. With billions spent each year in the US on nanny care alone, the potential market for CareGuide’s holistic suite of services is broad.

Company Information

Headquarters: Toronto

Investment Information

Investment year: 2014

Careguide's Journey with Inovia

Aug 2014

First Meeting between Inovia and Careguide

Mar 2015

Inovia leads the company's Seed round

June 2018

Inovia leads the company's Series A


More to come!