Francois Gauvin


François Gauvin is a CPA, CA with over 35 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, international tax planning and venture capital. He has provided Inovia Capital steady, diligent leadership for over more than a decade, ensuring that transparency and rigor remain core to the Firm's reputation. Prior to joining Inovia in 2007, François was the Investment Director at the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ (FsFTQ), a $16B Montreal-based labor-sponsored fund, where he was responsible for FsFTQ’s investments in venture capital funds. After investing in Inovia's first fund on FsFTQ's behalf, he joined the Firm as Partner-CFO and has been involved in every single transaction Inovia has ever done. He is a board member of Réseau Capital and an active member of the CVCA CFO task force.

The future is to a large extent, yours to create.

The most overlooked skill in this business is discipline!

That one investment that got away was Shopify.