Todd Simpson


I joined inovia because the team is full of great, smart people. Having known several of the partners for many years and having seen both their success as well as their approach to venture capital, it was exciting to join them.

Things that keep me up at night, in a good way are first, the signals that we may (finally) put humans on another planet, and second, the opportunity for technology to democratize work and wealth.

Fear is that the misuse of technology overshadows the benefits; we need to focus more on the ethical application of technology.

I am in the venture community to support those doing important work to improve the world. As an entrepreneur I could focus on one opportunity at a time; as a VC I can assist on many in parallel.

Venture-backed businesses thrive when they manage time —  it is your most important resource. The more time you can spend building your business, and the less time worrying about funding, the better.

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at the top of a steep hill, taking a break to enjoy the scenery.

“Sometimes the "Canadian" stereotypes are accurate; this is true of inovia.” — Todd Simpson