Salima Ladha

Head of Talent & People

I was previously Head of People Operations at Signpost, a cloud-based marketing automation startup, where I led HR strategy and operations. Prior to joining Signpost, I worked for one of its investors, OpenView Venture Partners in Boston. In that capacity, I was responsible for providing talent acquisition and HR advisory support for the firm’s portfolio investments comprising of mid-stage tech companies. I’ve also been in similar roles for other tech companies in the past including Google and Salesforce.

I completed a Masters (MSc.) in International Human Resource Management from the London School of Economics, and a Bachelors (BBA) in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University.

My passion revolves around working with companies, particularly startups to hire, nurture and retain their top talent. My goal is to achieve that perfect balance where companies exceed their goals while ensuring that their employees are happy and find purpose/meaning in their work.           

I believe that the future is boundless. It will undoubtedly involve greater co-existence between humans and machines — both will be required to transform a better tomorrow.

inovia founders are special because they have a creative mindset and vision to transform the world around them.

The toughest business challenge I ever had was finding creative ways to retain talent in competitive labor markets such as those in the Valley or NYC.

Fear is to be confronted and overcome.

The most overlooked skill in this business is perseverance.

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at Tim Hortons, a local coffee shop/cafe, the airport or a weekend market.

Life is too short to wait on your dreams. Believe in yourself, work hard and follow your passion...then sit back and enjoy the ride! — Salima Ladha