Michael McGraw


Legendary VCs aren’t reactive, they build investment theses around their vision of the future and then proactively seek entrepreneurs building that vision.

Something that keeps me up at night, in a good way is… the fact that perfect efficiency will never be attained anywhere, thus leading to endless opportunities.

The most overlooked skill in this business: creative craziness. Unorthodox brainstorming often leads to differentiation.

inovia is special because we’re not afraid to dream big and roll up our sleeves.

Venture-backed businesses thrive on finding opportunities where others see problems.

The one moment I’ll never forget is… Rebecca McKillican’s call to Chris Arsenault right after they sold Well.ca. Their special bond and shared sense of accomplishment are the reason why I’m in this line of work.

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catching waves at Kelly's Cove, gaming at Twitch's office, or sneaking into Stanford lectures.

“A rising tide lifts all boats — we're all in this together.” — Michael McGraw