Jerry Hendrix


I joined inovia because I saw a group of very intelligent individuals with skill sets complementary to my own, driving toward a collective goal with contagious energy. When presented with the opportunity to join such a team, it is difficult not to run full speed ahead.

I grew up in Michigan, in an area with heavy ties to the birth of the American auto industry. The way upstarts like Waymo and Tesla have disrupted the space and pushed the large automakers to adapt is a great reminder that innovation is the key to remaining competitive.

I do this work because  I believe the benefits of technological advancements can spread far beyond their intended use-cases and impact society in innumerable ways. I want to help companies mature to a point where they can consistently drive value to their customers while exploring opportunities that expand their stakeholder base.

Most overlooked skill in business is teamwork. Behind every successful, charismatic founder is an effective and talented team. When the proper team is in place, individual skills like leadership, design, sales efficacy, and outright tenacity synergize and enable businesses to tackle any challenge.

I believe that the future is  always there, in a tangle of infinite potentials. It is our duty to maximize our potential today to initiate change and foster opportunities for those who will live tomorrow.

Home Office


You May Run Into Me At…

a dance studio pushing my limits, spinning on the ground and having the time of my life.