David Nault


I do this work because the first VC I met in life was a jerk. That will never be me I promised myself. I’m happiest when I’m helping founders build their ventures.

The toughest challenge I ever had was learning to walk after a bad motorcycle accident, only to break my leg again while still in a cast. It was challenge going to college in a wheelchair and convincing people to not feel sorry for me.

I grew up in family of 5. If I wanted money I had to earn it. I think my siblings may still owe me interest on the money I lent them as a kid 🙂

I stay intellectually honest by meeting younger and younger founders who seem brighter and brighter every day.

That one time I was caught off guard was shortly after we invested in a founder, they said “I’m returning the capital. The business will not work because….” And they were right. #Respect.

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You May Run Into Me At…

at the gym, a networking event or a ski hill (likely in that order).

“The right VC may not guarantee success but the wrong VC can kill that success.” — David Nault