Dan Freedman

Founder & CEO at FSA (acquired by McAfee)

The future is unique to everyone, so spend time figuring out what you want yours to be, then put in place a plan to make it so.

My own personal exit story: I sold my second business to McAfee in 1996, and saw it change the life of everyone who worked there, including myself. For me, it was not only the financial strength brought, but also the amazing learning opportunity that came from being a senior executive at an industry-leading company.

The one important thing founders should know about venture capital is that while it’s not the only source of financing out there, it is the source most likely to deliver the insights, techniques, introductions, and governance needed to lead and grow a world-changing company.

Venture-backed businesses thrive on continuous refinement, improvement, adjustment, execution, negotiation, attraction and retention of talent, and most importantly, a relentless never-ending focus on the customer experience.

inovia founders are special because they look where others look, but see what others miss.

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“The only useful forecast predicts the reality that arrives. If your forecasts don’t match your realities, fix the forecasts for next time.” — Dan Freedman