Luxury Retreats


Luxury Retreats International is a leader in the online luxury vacation rental market. The Company is one of the most important vacation rental and property management companies in its niche. LRI creates personalized villa vacations, offering more than 3,400 villas in over 50 destinations. Its global team of 220+ passionate travel enthusiasts and partners hand pick and personally inspect each luxury villa ensuring that its guests are offered the very best. As a full service villa rental company, Luxury Retreats offers guests complimentary concierge services, worldwide guest support, as well as villa specialists who help travelers find their perfect villa - all without charging any membership fees. The Company has offices in Montreal, Barbados and Maui. Luxury Retreats was acquired by Airbnb in January 2017.

Our Story:

Having started Luxury Retreats out of his bedroom when living with his mom at age 17, Joe Poulin is and has always been a scrappy and highly-driven entrepreneur determined to succeed on his own. It's an iNovia trusted entrepreneur and investor that first introduced us to Joe over a sushi lunch. Joe walked us through his ten-year vision and his very clear understanding of the experience his targeted customers were seeking. He repeatedly turned down every financing offers and balked at sharing interest or ownership in his company. After being turned down many times by Joe he started seeing what we could bring to the table as we treated Luxury Retreats as a portfolio company a year prior to investing, and that long-term relationship building turned into our initial $5M investment in 2012. Since then, we've been witnessing the transformation of a one-man company into a 240+ team led by a strong management team out to create the most memorable luxury travel experience.