Lightspeed provides retailers and restaurateurs the simplest way to build, manage, and grow their business all while creating a better customer experience. More than 45,000 businesses processing over $15 billion in transactions annually use Lightspeed’s mobile POS and eCommerce platform to manage inventory, customer preferences, sales, and analytics to get a complete view of their entire business in one place.

Our Story:

Dax Dasilva was a very young programmer when he took on the task to deliver a simple and beautiful interface for point-of-sale services by helping Apple resellers enter a new market - retailers. We were trying to convince Dax to work with us at iNovia at the same time as he was entering venture capital due-diligence for the first time with Accel Partners. His first experience with VCs was so overwhelming that he asked us to wait until he was finished with the current due-diligence before starting with us. That's when we had to explain to Dax that the chances that we would still be considered as a VC partner "after" Accel completed a massive series A was somewhat unlikely. But the conversation didn't stop there, and months after closing his first capital injection into what was going to become Lightspeed POS, we invested $5M and helped attract talent and resources to a company that quickly grew to now over 650 people with operations in Canada, the USA and Europe.