Clearpath Robotics is dedicated to automating the world’s dullest, dirtiest, and deadliest jobs with intelligent service robots. Clearpath provides enterprise hardware, software, and services to drive profit and efficiency for the world’s most innovative brands.

Its division OTTO Motors is designing, manufacturing and operating self-driving vehicles for industry, with the ultimate goal of making human driving obsolete.

Our Story:

Karam met Matt at an Extreme Startups pre-Demo Day party at Razor Suleman's condo in 2012. Matt kept referring to his co-founders as "business partners", which Karam remembers sounding odd coming from a 25-year-old first-time CEO (albeit one who sounded like a 55-year-old seasoned executive). We invested in Clearpath’s Series A two years later and haven’t looked back since (other than to regrettably not investing in the Seed round in 2013).