We believe value is a process, not an outcome. It evolves as we discover and refine what connects us – both in celebrating wins and overcoming setbacks. It grows as we free ourselves from old patterns and circumstances. To us, perfecting value is a craft. It is the harmony of analysis and empathy. It is our passion and our mission. Read on to learn how we support people, performance and possibilities.







Nearly a decade ago, inovia capital entered the Canadian investment landscape, helping to spur a new era of risk-taking and exploration in ecosystems across the country. Today, we’re pursuing our mission to support a new generation of pioneers whether they build their company at home in Canada or in Silicon Valley or elsewhere in North America. We’re backing early-stage technology entrepreneurs by actively investing inovia Fund 2015 L.P., a $180 million fund. Connect with us in Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo, Vancouver, Calgary, San Francisco – or just online.


people > companies

We support founders in finding and maintaining their genius zone. Our goal is to help them create platforms for sustained innovation. Many of them even return to the inovia family after their first company has scaled or exited; either through their new companies, co-investments or even as L.P.s.

in People First

Venture-backed startups are conceived, explored, scaled and exited everyday — but the people and the relationships endure. That’s why we invest in people, not companies — and it’s why we craft everything from our ethos to our operations around building a vibrant, trusted, diverse community. Every investment we make starts with a relationship and always will. In all we do — internally, in partnerships and investments, we see diversity as an imperative to building sustainable organizations. We don’t believe venture capital should be automated. We want to humanize venture capital.

Building Foundations
in Shared Values

Let’s face it — we all have goals. Navigating expectations can be a tightrope act if the basics aren’t in place. So, from day one of any potential investment, we make sure that we are aligned on a shared set of values. When we share a vision, and can predict and understand the breakpoints, we can confidently locate the mutual win in any given situation. That said, we put the founder’s vision above all else. We believe founders know best what’s right for their companies, and our goal is to ensure they remain firmly in the driver’s seat.

New Perspectives

We want to build relationships with entrepreneurs who truly have a unique perspective on creating large markets they deeply understand — and the operational chops to build transformative companies. We want to partner with people who see opportunity when others don’t. Great communicators, thinkers, dreamers, and explorers have no pre-requisite qualifications. This is why we want more diversity in tech and are actively seeking founders with backgrounds that are often sidelined. We reward, rather than rationalize, unconventional backgrounds.

Our Craft

Entrepreneurs are always learning, and we’re no exception to that rule. We prioritize our internal development to be better mentors, address diversity issues, and help our founders and their teams be their best selves. We also believe in scaling learnings across our portfolio, and host year-round function-specific events and programs to build community and share knowledge. If you’re an entrepreneur with a bold vision, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro — we want to hear from you.


Developing/Designing Transformative Business Models

We believe that technology alone won’t transform an industry. It takes a fresh take on rigid systems and proven business models to truly unlock exponential value. We believe this fresh take starts with looking at how people move through the world, identifying the friction points or opportunities, and then coming up with innovative solutions. We’re far more interested in transformative business models led by founders with the unique perspective to deliver growth and scale than we are with sticking to strict investment themes.

Because our approach is more focused on the development of new markets, we offer support to our portfolio teams on an as-needed basis, to help fine tune their approach through uncharted territory. We’re there to support our founders every step of the way, bringing mentorship and clarity to often unclear decisions on the path to success.


We make high-risk, long-term investments in mission-driven founders with a radical vision to change the world. We invest at the early stage and throughout the lifecycle of our portfolio companies on their paths to create large market categories.

Reinventing Old Industries

Technological change and connectivity is unlocking value in a wide spectrum of traditional sectors. Ubiquitous mobile connectivity has profoundly transformed the way we work and consume in the last decade. We believe mobile connectivity has yet to reach its full potential in transforming core industries that are either heavily regulated or dominantly reliant on a large non-desk bound or blue-collar workforce. Industries such as transportation, manufacturing and healthcare will be at the forefront of this trend.

We invest in the opportunities created by digital transformations such as this. We believe in backing the innovative companies changing the realm of possibilities in old industries, and redefining the meaning of ‘work’ or “consumption” through mobile innovation.

Pushing Technology Frontiers

New platforms and software application ecosystems will reshape the computing landscape and new paradigms for hardware and software interactions will be created. On the hardware side, the widespread adoption of cheap processors and sensors has the potential to create entirely new market categories. On the software side, increasingly large datasets are now unlocking artificial intelligence breakthroughs in human-machine interaction. From autonomous vehicles to virtual and augmented reality as well as wearable technology, we’re entering a new computing era.

With significant investments in high-risk, radically innovative technologies, we want to invest at the forefront of these ground-breaking frontiers, alongside the entrepreneurs who explore them.