Sarah Marion


Sarah joined inovia capital in January 2016, and now serves as an Associate in our Toronto office. She's a member of the C100 48Hours in the Valley selection committee, is a frequent guest contributor to BetaKit, and currently serves as an observer on the boards of: Chatkit, SnapTravel and CareGuide. Before joining inovia, she worked as a Senior Researcher helping to create the Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises, and majored in Human Security while pursuing a Master's of International Public Policy.

I do this work because it’s impossible not to be energized by helping visionary founders who have a plan to change the world.

The most overlooked skill in this business is the ability to cultivate a network of people who are smarter than you.

You had me at tenacity. Success isn’t linear, and brick walls pop up out of nowhere. Intrinsic motivation is a must.

I stay intellectually honest by constantly seeking out counterpoints. What am I missing? What assumptions am I making? Where do the facts lead?