Pargles Dall'Ogio


After repeatedly getting in trouble for tearing apart and (sometimes) rebuilding household electronics as a child, Pargles Dall’Oglio realized as an engineer he could get paid to do just that. Before cofounding ROSS Intelligence in 2015, Dall’Oglio worked as a researcher at the Group of Architectures and Integrated Circuits (GACI) in his home country of Brazil. Dall’Oglio’s work in video compression algorithms has been published in numerous international publications and his work as a student in Brazil was twice nationally recognized as best in its class. When not thinking about where artificial intelligence is going next, beating ROSS team members at chess, or riding his bike around Bay Area trails, you can find Dall’Ogio coding, listening to electronic music and drinking copious amounts of energy drinks. Encourage Pargles to get Twitter, his Tweets would be great.