Michael McGraw


Michael McGraw joined Inovia Capital in February 2018, with a mandate to open Inovia’s London office with Patrick Pichette and since joining, has been actively involved in the Firm’s investments in Lightspeed, Forward, Zwift and Neo4j. 

Prior to joining Inovia, Michael worked for the Funds and Technology team at CDPQ, where he was a board member/observer at Lightspeed, Hopper and Felix & Paul Studios. He gained operating experience through a secondment as a Project Manager at Hopper, a travel tech startup that has raised $600M. Prior to joining CDPQ, Michael was an investment analyst at PSP Investments.

Michael graduated from McGill University in 2014 with a BBA and is a CFA charterholder. In his free time, he is actively involved as a Steering Committee member for the Bahir Dar Specialty Eye Center project as well as a LGBTQ+ mentor in the Start Proud program.

Something that keeps me up at night, in a good way is how we’re all “standing on the shoulders of giants” and thinking about how I can contribute to help us see further. 

What I have developed during my time at Inovia so far, is a whole other level of expansive thinking whereby we push ourselves and our portfolio companies to develop a vision through which they can (in)directly reach over a billion users. 

My personal motto is a combination of “When in doubt, be generous” and “a rising tide lifts all boats”. That’s very Canadian of me, I know… 

Venture-backed businesses thrive on identifying opportunities where others see problems.

The one moment I'll never forget is ringing the bell on the floor of the TSX with the Lightspeed team for their IPO. It was an amazing milestone and the start of a new chapter in this amazing success story.