Mia Morisset


Mia Morisset joined Inovia Capital in September 2018 in the Montreal office, with a mandate to continue strengthening the Inovia ecosystem in Quebec and support Partners in identifying late stage investment opportunities. Since joining, Mia was actively involved in Inovia's investments in AlayaCare, Hopper and WorkJam. Prior to joining Inovia, Mia worked at PSP Investments in the Private Equity Direct team at both the Montreal and London offices. She also had worked as a management consultant at Roland Berger in the Montreal and Paris offices. Mia graduated with honours from McGill University in 2013 with a Bachelor in Commerce. 

I joined Inovia Capital because I wanted to join an A-team focused at building the next generation of tech giants.

I do this work because I love the grit of hands-on execution that it takes to build companies, working alongside smart, innovative and committed founders.

The most potent force in business is compounding it applies to investment, people and relationships generating outsized returns when invested early and maintained consistently.

Venture-backed businesses thrive on thinking differently, coming up with better ways of doing things and adding value to their customers and stakeholders as a result.