Jay Shah

Entrepreneur in Residence

Jay co-founded BufferBox, a last kilometre logistics solution. Supercharged by YCombinator (S12) BufferBox grew a physical network of asynchronous delivery ‘lockers’, logistics operations and retailer integrations and was ultimately acquired by Google, where Jay spent 3.5 years as a Product Manager learning about and contributing to ecommerce strategy, internet access products among some other more random initiatives.

Most recently Jay led the UWaterloo’s Velocity Incubator (Canada’s most productive incubator as measured by equity value created), helping hundreds of founders take their first steps & inspiring students to incorporate more entrepreneurial thinking into their careers. A mechatronics engineer by training, Jay gets excited about products that influence the physical world and/or bring deeptech based products to mass markets.

He enjoys reading, spreadsheets, S-curves, coordinating chaos, eating red tape, squashing inefficiency, camping and gardening. At Inovia, Jay is helping evaluate prospective investments, helping portfolio founders and figuring out what he wants to tackle for startup #2.