Jan Peeters

Chairman of the Board at Cogeco (TSE: CGO)

Jan Peeters is the President and CEO of Olameter, which he founded in 1998. Olameter is a leading meter service and data management company in North America. Jan was also the founder (1988) of ƒONOROLA Inc., a highly successful long distance telephone company, and the main developer of inter-city fibre-optic-based networks in Canada and northern United States. The company was sold to Sprint in 1998. Jan is also Chairman of the Boards of Cogeco Inc. and Cogeco Cable Inc. He has served on the Board of Intersil Corporation (2000-2016). He is a Governor Emeritus of McGill University, having served on that Board from 1999 to 2008. While there, he helped launch MSBi (now inovia capital). Jan is a graduate of McGill University with degrees in Engineering and Accounting.