Hugues Lalancette


Hugues Lalancette is a Principal on our investment team and leads our growth practice. He is responsible for deal origination, data-driven due diligence as well as advising portfolio companies on analytics, operational effectiveness and fundraising strategies. Since joining inovia capital in June 2015, he co-led or was actively involved in the firm’s investments in Lightspeed, Rubikloud, Bench, Drivewyze, WorkFusion and VendorHawk (acquired by NYSE:NOW). Hugues’ work is informed by earlier experiences working with startups in CFO and advisor roles, as well as his tenure at BMO — where he worked with high-profile public companies on numerous billion-dollar capital market transactions. Hugues graduated with an MSc. in Accounting & Finance from The London School of Economics in 2012 and with a BBA in Economics & Finance from HEC Montreal in 2011.

Something that keeps me up at night, in a good way is the ghost of Marc Andreessen as seen through Spatial.

Venture-backed businesses thrive because they find purpose in what they do.

I stay intellectually honest because of Nemesis, the goddess of retribution and downfall.