Hannah Chelkowski


Hannah is an Economics and Finance graduate with experience working for an oil and gas supermajor (Total), a clean-tech startup (PVComplete) and a top tier early stage VC fund. In 2017 she relocated from London to San Francisco to gain exposure to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and previously worked at Initialized Capital. Since volunteering in Africa earlier in her career, she has been passionate about making a difference, and sees technological disruption as a powerful force for change.

I joined Inovia Capital because of the team’s demonstrated ability to nurture ideas and people, identifying those that have the potential for massive scale. For founders, it’s rocket fuel, with good strings attached!

I grew up in Cambridge, UK before relocating to London and now San Francisco. Cambridge ideas change the world and I’d encourage everyone to visit at least once!

I do this work because innovation comes from startups and startups come from venture capital. I’m fascinated by technological disruption and how startups across all sectors are having a positive impact on people’s lives.

Most overlooked skill in this business is mitigating the impact of unconscious biases.