Geoff Judge

Board Partner

I started my entrepreneurial life by dropping millions of data-driven targeted pieces of mail to Cardmembers for American Express, then shifted to real-time ad-serving in the digital world by co-founding 24/7 Real Media.

Back in the late 90’s bubble I hired a very bright intern, John Elton, who is now a Partner at Greycroft. John became one of the original inovia capital Partners who raised our fund in 2007, and pressed me for deal flow. I introduced inovia to their first investment, Collective.

The future is going to be fun, because every week I hear from an entrepreneur with a new way to solve a problem, it only gets better going forward.

The most overlooked skill in this business is recruiting.

One important thing founders should know about venture capital is it’s not the size of the checkbook, but the people who are writing that check — do you want to spend the next 5-10 years working with them?

Venture-backed businesses thrive because of people with a passion for creating a product that solves real problems.